‘Napoleon’ takes audience into a deep dive of history

By Ricardo Cueto

 From a French army general to the emperor of France, Napoleon is one of history’s most well-known people. 

In the  movie, Napoleon Bonaparte is played by Joaquin Phoenix, who is known for his part in “The Joker.” The movie is about the story of his life. 

However it doesn’t begin from his childhood like many other storytellers, but from his beginnings as a general. It proceeds to show his first battle win as a commander, which then leads him to gain this level of respect from many other higher ups in France. 

After this, he is persuaded into an alliance with a member of congress and from there, Napoleon becomes the Emperor of France.  

He proceeds to continue commanding the French army and leading them to many victories. However, these victories cost many lives and therefore led elected officials of France to remove his status as Emperor. 

Upon entering the theater, there were people already in their seats waiting for the movie to start. Even on the second day of the release, viewers were excited to see the events that were about to unfold. With every battle that took place on the big screen, the whole room was filled with silence. As the negotiations went on, everyone listened and with every childish action Napoleon made, the audience laughed. 

Personally as a huge fan of world history there is always the need to learn more about people and characters that played a huge role. 

The films gives viewers an enhanced knowledge on Napoleon because it not only shows the battles and wars, but the behind the scenes of his life. 

Brothers, husbands and fathers  will be able to understand every emotion Napoleon felt towards the people that were around him and the actions that followed afterwards. 

The film comes out as a biography because it showed everything that he dealt with while being King of France and leading an army against Europe. 

After every battle, his emotions and dedication for not only himself but for France grew and led him to make the decisions he made.

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