Professor, student team up to create family-friend Christmas show

By Jaime Paz

A professor and student co-directing duo have imbued fun and laughter into the East Los Angeles College Theater’s upcoming production of “A Christmas Carol.”

The directors are professor Vanessa Mizzone Pellegrini and student Paul Galaviz. 

Pellegrini has been teaching since 2007 and became a full time professor in 2015.

Galaviz got into the Theatre Department in the fall of 2021. This year, he is directing “A Christmas Carol” with Pellegrini.

 The Theater Department’s production of “A Christmas Carol” premieres next month in the Black Box Theater, P2. The show opens at 8 p.m. Friday. 

Pre-sale tickets are $10  online or in person, and general tickets are $12 at the door. 

Pellegrini’s class does at least four to five shows a year.

Pellegrini said, “‘A Christmas Carol’ is based on the Charles Dicken short story.”

The production’s costume designs are based on the 1800s. Student Chloe Marquez is the costume designer.

The set is a sketched out theme. Alex Mora is the makeup artist. 

The directors said they chose to do “A Christmas Carol” because they wanted to do a family-friendly show with a message to be more kind to the world.

Pellegrini said, “The show highlights the fact that it’s never too late to change; a small act of kindness can go a long way.”

She wants people to laugh, have fun and enjoy watching the show. 

Everyone who would be watching the show will have some fun laughs and would not be bored. There will be a bit of singing. 

Galaviz said, “‘A Christmas Carol’ is not going to be a musical.”

The Theater Department has been rehearsing since October.

Rehearsals have been held several days each week leading up to the production’s premiere.

Theater students make up the cast and crew of the show.

While the student cast performs the show, students behind the stage will all be busy at work to make the show enjoyable for everyone. 

Tuesday Nov. 28 they started with the dress rehearsal and makeup and hair rehearsal. 

They will have their first opening night Friday, Dec. 1 at 8 p.m.

 The first show will start at 2 p.m. on Dec. 2, 3, 9 and 10. 

Also, there will be a show at 8 p.m. on Dec. 1, 2, 8 and 9. 

Everyone is invited to the show.

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