STAND program provides safe space for students

By Maylene Carranco

Students can earn up to $275 for participating in the Screening & Treatment for Anxiety & Depression Research Program, to help improve mental health resources for college students around the world. 

The STAND at East Los Angeles College program is a confidential support program that’s free for most students. 

It is funded by the University of California Los Angeles and the National Institute of Mental Health, they hope to accelerate the reach and impact of STAND in community colleges. 

  A participant will review topics before scheduling a session that takes about 20-30 minutes on Zoom with a certified coach. 

During the meeting the participant will review and practice that week’s skills. 

The certified coaches are trained to help participants learn practical skills for self-management of low mood and anxiety. 

To become a coach you can apply or express your interest on the STAND website. 

Contributors are enrolled in the program for one year. 

To be eligible participants must:

be 18-40 years old 

currently be enrolled at ELAC 

have access to the internet

be uninsured, or on California Medicaid or Medi-cal 

be competent to understand informed consent 

express willingness to follow study procedures

Ineligible students can participate in STAND FOR ALL, a free virtual wellness program that teaches strategies and skills to address common issues like low moods, worry, poor sleep, panic and discomfort around others. 

The courses offered are self-paced and are allowed to be taken anonymously. 

STAND is offered in three formats: self-serve tools, community rollout, system of care and STAND for ALL. For those who are interested, go to and follow the four steps provided on the homepage. 

The steps are creating an account and completing the initial registration, check-in and complete your personalized wellness assessment, enroll in your suggested service and begin the program.

 A video presented on the website shows students talking about how the program is special to them. 

One of the students mentioned how empowering it can be and said, “ … participants that drive this process forward by learning and engaging with the materials and practicing what they can take away from it.” 

Another student also mentioned how STAND is unique because of its scalable model. It is a program that is suitable for everyone.

  Members are able to view information related to mental wellness topics, communicate with the staff and affiliates, and access additional services with the STAND applications. 

Those who join not only help in supporting the mental health of other college  students, but also walk away taking control of their own. 

Everything learned from the involvement in STAND helps the wellbeing of its members. 

STAND hosts many events with the Basic Needs Center that take place on campus in order to bring together students to partake in different activities. 

For updates or announcements about STAND and future events, visit the @elacbasicneedscenter on Instagram.

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