Women’s soccer program lacks guidance

By Kayla Holguin

East Los Angeles College women’s soccer has not reached their fullest potential in years. 

This year’s team has a record of 2-15-1. 

There could be a multitude of reasons as to why the team has not been successful since 2015, but coaching may be the root problem behind it. 

It’s one issue if a group of players aren’t experienced in the sport, but it’s another issue when they aren’t inspired or encouraged by the people who are supposed to be guiding them to success. 

A coach needs to have patience and resilience in order to have a successful team at the collegiate level. 

“The program can be more beneficial by creating opportunities for team bonding, offering exposure for those that want to continue playing at a higher level, and getting more coaching staff on board. 

“These changes would help us play better and grow as athletes,” freshman midfielder/defender Hailey Vargas said.

Team chemistry is another factor for a team to be successful. 

When there are high levels of drama among the team, it can cause tension within the team that follows them onto the field. 

A lack of communication results in a lack of organization and professionalism. 

This concept partially falls on the back of the coach as well, who is supposed to have a positive mindset and act as a role model for the team. 

If the coach does not address the tension and chooses to let it fester then it will reflect on the team’s record and out on the field. 

This type of stress can lead to a negative mindset, which can be tough to overcome.

“The biggest obstacle I’ve faced while being on the team is keeping a positive attitude, after some tough losses this season. 

“It can be challenging to stay motivated and focused, but I’ve been working on developing resilience and learning from each experience. 

“At the end of the day, your mindset plays a big part in performance,” Vargas said.

Players should expect college sports to be intense, and it’s difficult to get everyone on the same mental page when some players aren’t giving a 100% performance. Committing to a sport is a big responsibility, and being a student athlete is definitely not for the weak. 

“College soccer is definitely more competitive and demanding than high school soccer. The skill level is higher, which makes the games more intense and physical. 

“Also, there is a huge commitment when joining the team. Practices are everyday, we have long and far games and it can get difficult balancing school,” Vargas said.

A coach is the root of a team, and if the team has a weak root, their performance will reflect this. 

That’s why having a good coaching staff is an essential part of a team’s success.

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