DAS shares concerns over presidential candidate

By Sienna Hennessy

Howard Irvin was interviewed for the vice president of student services position at Los Angeles Trade Technical College by President Alfred McQuarters two weeks ago.

Last Friday, the District Academic Senate Executive Committee shared their concern regarding the interview, especially considering all the information that has been made public about Irvin.

Irvin was fired from the same position at Los Angeles Southwest College after a $10 million settlement awarded to Sabrena Turner-Odom for sexual harassment became public.

According to a letter sent to the board by the DAS Executive Committee on Nov. 15, Irvin gave the Los Angeles Sheriff’s bid for LACCD’s security contract an abnormally high score and its competing bids abnormally low scores.

The Sheriff’s proposal that Irvin gave an abnormally high score was $24,441,618 for 2022 to 2023, approximately 14.45% greater than the previous year.

Irvin was previously a Los Angeles Police Department sergeant.

An external investigation was performed in response to whistleblower allegations that Irvin was engaged in a conflict of interest for the financial benefit of sons and an acquaintance.

Alvarez Glasman and Colin was the law firm that performed the investigation. 

The firm determined that Irvin was not a credible witness, and neither was the director of the initial internal audit, Arnold Blanshard.

The firm determined the allegations that Irvin, “violated LACCD procurement policies by attempting to cause goods and services to be purchased by LACCD via a method not prescribed by said policies for his sons… and an acquaintance,” are founded.

The DAS Executive Committee stated in their resolution from last week, “If the District leadership is unwilling and/or unable to take immediate, credible, and decisive action to protect its faculty, employees, and students, provide a safe, harassment-free teaching and learning environment, and ensure the safeguarding of public funds, the District Academic Senate will entertain a vote of no confidence in February of 2024.”

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