ELAC hires new Vice President of Instructional Services

By Henry Caceres

Christina Tafoya is the new Vice President of Instruction, replacing the Interim Vice President Mercy Yanez. 

Tafoya started her new position on Nov. 1. 

She hopes to get a strong start in order to serve students of East Los Angeles College as well as possible. 

Tafoya has worked in several other districts before ELAC. She knows what to expect when it comes to the nature of this new position.

 “It is hard to find a team that is always nice, competent, hardworking, and focused on students. That is really special to find. Here, every person I’ve met has been so welcoming, friendly and smart. It is really a special place,” Tafoya said.

Like many positions within administration, there are plans to be made for the future of ELAC and its students. Tafoya has a set mentality to contribute to that future. 

“I know planning has gone on for the college and I have to find my right place to help move forward with those plans and goals. Strategic planning is something that typically happens with much input and that strategic plan is something I need to dive into. 

“In a community college setting, it has to do with working as a team with student input, working with faculty input, classified professional input as well as community input. This is how I plan to make things better,” Tafoya said.

Tafoya is a community college alum herself. She is very familiar with the setting from a student point of view and that is one of the things that drives her to work at an organization where she can make a difference and align her values with the institution. 

“I want to feel like I am making a difference. I want to feel like the students that I am serving are going to benefit from my presence. I identify as Latina and I have a Mexican-American background.I know that is the predominant student population and that is the community we (the administration) serve. That along with the size and the fact that we lead within our district and state made this opportunity very exciting,” Tafoya said. 

As her appointment as Vice President of Instruction continues, Tafoya hopes to contribute her best efforts to the school and help Huskies experience a more efficient and exclusive academic journey.

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