‘Journey to Bethlehem’ shows viewers true Christmas Origin

By Henry Caceres

“Journey To Bethlehem,” directed by Adam Anders, is a film that retells the greatest story ever told with a musical twist. 

While portraying the Nativity story in a fun new way that has not been seen before, “Journey To Bethlehem” serves the purpose of showing its viewers the true meaning of Christmas and its origin. 

The film includes imaginative stories that may have taken place in between the main events of the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Joseph, played by Milo Manheim meets Mary, played by Fiona Palomo for the first time and they have a comedic, flirty conversation which gives the film an entertaining feel. 

The film has its dramatic moments and scenes as it contains a song, performed by Mary, in which she is expressing her confusion and desperation for guidance from God as she is coming to terms with being tasked with bearing the child of God. 

This song is actually considered Anders favorite song as it is a very personal song for him and his wife for they wrote it together and they have been writing songs together for twenty six years. 

The song is called “Mother to a Savior and King” and it can be streamed on Spotify and other platforms.  

Although the film is made to be a family movie, it did stir up a bit of controversy between the Christian community and its denominations. 

Blogger Joe Wilson, wrote that, “Catholics should be very cautious about supporting this film and Catholic parents especially should do some research and perhaps preview the film before taking their kids to see it,” suggesting that the film may do more harm than good from a religious standpoint. 

On the contrary, Joel Smallbone who plays Antipater, stated in an interview that this was not the case. 

“Adam has stayed very far away from anything that feels sacrilegious,” Smallbone said. 

Overall, the musical twist to the nativity story is a move that not many have dared to make, for many films that tell the same story stick to a regular dramatic feel. It contains many key events from the Bible, as well as many events that may not have been mentioned in the Bible but give a decent idea of what might have happened. 

The movie’s messages and life lessons are rooted in Christian faith and are mostly about trusting and believing in God’s plan while using the Nativity story as the reason to celebrate Christmas.

 From a secular view, it is a fun film for the holidays that the family will enjoy with light special effects and great singing as well as acting, giving it a great musical story. 

The film also includes many aspects of the era of King Herod’s reign and its historical value. 

The faith inspired film contains everything a viewer could want in a Christmas film, while giving it a historical feel for any history lovers out there. 

As for the viewers who are interested in the faith-based themes, there is much to enjoy in this Christmas musical.

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