LATTC avoids class cuts

By Cameron Maldonado-Olea

Los Angeles Trade Technical College had concerns over funds that would affect students and departments as a whole.

LATTC coordinated with deans and chairpersons over fiscal adjustments for the summer and winter classes of 2024. The conversation on what programs, classes and other supports for students that would be cut.

“To avoid running low-enrolled classes when possible because they are very costly and they reduce our ability to fund important student supports, services, and programs; however, sometimes we must run them to allow students to complete courses that are required for their certificates or degrees,” LATTC Vice President Michael Reese said.

Reese said department chairs and deans work with him to begin scheduling development six to eight months prior to the start of the semester. 

Analyzing trends, protecting for student needs for upcoming semester. First looking at how many classes each discipline will have funds allocated. 

Reese said a final adjustments to the entered schedule with the primary goals of providing access to students, following regulations, and utilizing public funds in a fiscally responsible manner.

Reese said as the lists develop, attempting to open additional classes to meet student demand.  

There was low-enrolled classes, and consider canceling them to provide other options for the students in those classes.  

“Over 4,500 eLetters were sent to our Chancellor and Trustees.  The students rallied the following week, gathering outside the Administration building and then “marching” to the Trustee meeting.  The Faculty union and the District Academic Senate also protested to the Trustees,” LATTC Chair of Labor Studies Kathleen Yasuda said.

Yasuda said one of the disciplines in her department, Community Planning & Economic Development (ComPlan), would have been decimated.  It was planned to run 7 different courses, at different days and times.  This would have severely hindered the program and would have stopped a cohort of about 20 students who were planning to graduate at the end of the spring semester. 

“My reaction is that there is a promise of academic support and financial support for our department that has failed to materialize in any meaningful or substantive manner. It undergirds the lack of professional support,” LATTC Chair of English Lisa Moreno said.

Moreno said  it’s also directly affects LATTC campus’s ability to have an active Honors Program as a reduction in classes is a contraindication of the need to offer and honors program, the funding for which is based upon the needs of the numbers of classes we offer. 

“I must restate that canceling 40% of classes was never a proposal of the college.  My priority for this college has always been to provide students sufficient access to classes while scheduling in a way that is fiscally responsible and utilizes public funds wisely. That commitment is still the same,” LATTC  President Alfred McQuarters said.

McQuarters said he look forward to continuing the work to bring unity to our college’s path forward, which will remain sound in our program decisions and always student-centered.

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