Men’s basketball captain foresees promising season

By Marina Gutierrez

Dual-threat Brandon Wilson who plays guard and forward, is the captain for the men’s basketball team this 2023-2024 season.  

Wilson, 24, was born in Texas and moved to Los Angeles when he was 11 years old.

He always enjoyed playing basketball but did not start taking the sport seriously until middle school. 

Wilson’s father began to train him and spent a lot of long nights outside helping him perfect his skills. 

His father was a huge force in his basketball career. 

Today, he is Wilson’s biggest critic, yet biggest supporter. 

Wilson started playing club basketball at an early age and never stopped. 

He attended Taft High School in Woodland Hills and played on their team for two and a half years. 

After graduating high school, Wilson attended postgraduate school, Premier Prep. 

Premier Prep offers a unique experience to upcoming collegiate basketball players. 

He was able to play against junior colleges and take transferable college courses. 

The school was not an actual college, rather a preparatory academy. 

This opportunity allowed Wilson to advance his skills whilst not using any of his eligible collegiate play time.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, his preparatory academy was temporarily shut down. 

Wilson then attended East Los Angeles College in the summer of 2021. 

Wilson and the rest of the team anxiously awaited a season that year, but ultimately, due to COVID-19, the season was postponed. 

Wilson’s first collegiate season was from 2021-2022. That year they made it to the playoffs and lost to West Los Angeles College

During the 2021-2022 season, the Netflix series “Last Chance: U” was being filmed. Wilson was vaguely featured on the show. 

However, the players that were focused on ended up getting offers from other schools/leagues to continue playing at a higher level.

Although Wilson found the cameras hard to adjust to, he appreciates the positive effect the show had on his former teammates’ futures. 

The 2021-2022 season took a huge toll mentally on Wilson.

His family moved back to Texas and this was the first time he was on his own.

Head Coach John Mosley expects a lot from his players both mentally and physically. 

Wilson did not feel as if he was in the best mental capacity to meet expectations. 

During the 2022-2023 season, Wilson was forced to use a medical redshirt after suffering a serious injury. 

He suffered a disc herniation in his L5 disc and was diagnosed with spinal stenosis.

This upcoming season, Wilson was chosen to be captain as a veteran and third year on the team.

Wilson’s maturity helps him know exactly what Mosley expects and how to deliver on those expectations.

“I’ve experienced too much in life and have a different perspective on basketball. I’m more than mentally ready to focus on this season and hopefully continue my basketball career at the next level,” Wilson said. 

Wilson will be graduating with his Associates of Arts degree in General Studies with an emphasis on Social and Behavioral Sciences this semester.

Next semester he will be able to finish with his AA in Political Science as well. 

Despite the season opener being a blowout, there are multiple highly anticipated games this season. 

San Bernardino and Riverside are teams that the Huskies tend to struggle against and have been preparing for. 

Last season, Fullerton beat the Huskies in the final four and went on to win the state championship. 

“I actually just went to see them play and they are a solid team. I have our upcoming game against them on Dec. 14 circled on my calendar. We have all been physically and mentally preparing. It’s time to get our lick back,” Wilson said. 

As a captain, Wilson feels it is important to lead his team to victory.

“I want my team to know what it is like to win. I want my team to be focused and learn how to work together. A lot of our players are new, but all are highly skilled. 

“Shooting is not an issue for us but giving continuous effort is. Once we develop that Husky mentality, we can deliver on what Mosley wants from us and I’m confident we’ll have a successful season,” Wilson said. 

Mosley is more than confident in Wilson’s capability as a captain.

“Brandon Wilson has been here since COVID. He knows what we expect and he knows our standards. There was no question that he would be our captain this season,” Mosley said. 

As a team it is important that the Huskies win. 

“A lot of coaches say winning isn’t everything and as long as they’re working hard it’s okay.

 “But winning is important. Winning brings attention to our school and gives our players future opportunities. 

“We have an almost 100% success rate when it comes to players graduating and/or playing at a higher level. We will not shy away from winning this season,” Mosley said. 

The team’s next game will be at the Riverside City College Tournament tonight. 

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