‘Modern Warfare 3’ becomes success despite criticism

By Leonardo Cervantes

The latest installment of the Call Of Duty franchise has been a massive success with “Modern Warfare 3.” 

Following last year’s sequel of Modern Warfare 2, MW3 has fixed just about every issue players had with the prequel. 

The developers have fixed the way you see enemies on the mini map, as well as making it easier to control guns. 

Now it’s true the developers shouldn’t get praised for fixing something they broke, but it’s better to have solved the problem instead of going another year without any resolution.

The campaign is perhaps the weakest aspect among all of the game modes. 

The storytelling was bland and left a lot to be desired. It felt rushed with no real connection between characters as players were quickly rushed into the next chapter. 

Simply put, the campaign was boring and short and that’s a recipe for disaster.

The multiplayer is where Call of Duty shines and this year is no different. 

The movement feels like a massive upgrade over previous Call of Duty games. 

This game actually encourages players to run around the map and explore all the different weapons. 

Over the past four Call of Duty games, the game was essentially set up for players to hide behind doors and buildings. 

This current play style makes for a much more fun experience. 

Unfortunately, bugs and glitches in massive games have become a staple in the gaming industry. 

However, the MW3 developers are quick to respond and fix possible bugs and exploits.

For the first time, all of your previous guns and custom skins from last year’s game transferred over to “Modern Warfare 3.” 

A lot of players tend to buy collab skins for their characters and it was an awesome decision for them to be playable for another year.

Since all of the previous guns transferred to this game along with all of the new weapons, it makes for a massive gun selection and encourages a diverse playstyle.

Lack of map creativity has been the biggest detriment in the Call of Duty franchise for about five years now. 

For this game, the developers added all 16 maps of the previous fan favorite game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009). 

Many players criticized this move as lazy because there is no new original map in the game currently. 

While that may be the case, MW2 (2009) is regarded as the best game in the franchise and the maps are a huge reason why. 

The developers have already stated that during each new season, they will add three new original maps.

Zombies mode has made a comeback and it has a unique spin on it.

Every previous zombie mode was a traditional round based game mode. Each round you kill a certain number of zombies to achieve the next round and it becomes endless until the player dies or gets bored. 

This time, there is an hour timer. Once there’s 15 minutes left, players have to avoid a deadly gas and exfil in order to keep all of the rare items collected. 

While this decision was first met with negativity, once players were able to play the mode it became a fan favorite. 

Players are able to choose between different contracts to earn points and find rare loot items that will help them in their next deployment.

 It is also an easy game mode for players to level up their weapons.

This has been the best Call of Duty launch game in years. Of course, it’s impossible to please the entire fanbase but they’re off to a great start.

 Every 50-70 days a new season begins that introduces new maps, guns, skins and overall improvements to the game. 

This development team has taken the players’ advice and the result, while far from a perfect game, has made for a fun experience for many players with an even better future once the seasons commence.

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