Super Burger faster than speeding gullet

By Cameron Maldonado-Olea

Boyle Heights Super Burger’s quality burgers is a better burger joint to go to than most established fast-food restaurants.

The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch items from pancakes to traditional Mexican dishes like menudo, a soup made with cow or sheep stomach (stomach). The best part of this local restaurant is their burgers.

All the burgers come with lettuce and tomato, some of them come with Super Burger’s in-house sauce. The style of burgers are simple, yet tasty.

Their classic cheese burger is as traditional as a burger can get. Its satisfying tastiness makes it the establishment’s best item on the menu. The meat is neither too thick nor too thin, and the in-house sauce does not overtake the flavor but enhances it.

Another classic on the menu is the chili cheese burger. Super Burger makes them just like the traditional cheese burger and adds the chili. 

The chili itself does not stand out from the overall burger, it’s a bit light compared to other locations. The chili doesn’t fill you up and make you feel bloated.The chili doesn’t overpower the taste of the burger,but it also doesn’t make the chili cheese burger a go-to. 

For a healthier option, they offer a protein burger. Just like In-N-Out, the lettuce substitute’s their sesame seed bread and comes with no cheese. The lettuce takes over the taste but it was cold and crisp, making it refreshing to eat. 

They have more burgers on the menu and patrons can customize orders by adding other toppings like avocado, bacon and onions. 

Boyle Height Super Burger prices are affordable. The cheese burger combo, which comes with fries and a drink, comes out to $14. 

Super Burger is located on the intersection of North Evergreen Ave and Washbash Ave. 

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