‘Lisa Frankenstein’: Love, trauma, blood

By Valeria Covarrubias

“Lisa Frankienstien” , directed by Zelda Williams and screenplayed by Diablo “Cody, ” was released in theaters February 9th 2024.

By picking different genre tropes from horror, romance, comedy and fantasy, the film keeps audiences filled with laughter and a great amount of gasping.

The films runtime i s a total of an hour and forty-one minutes.

Characters Lisa (Kathryn Newton), Janet (Carla Gugino), Taffy (Liza Soberano), Dale

(Joe Chrest), Michael (Henry Eikenberry) and The Creature (Cole Sprouse) all play amazing roles.

All actors’ costumes were spot on.

The costumes used authentic vintage clothing pieces, jewelry and spectacular hairpieces that attract the viewer’s eye and really express the ‘80s horror movie ideal.

The movie is rated PG-13 for the dialogue of sexual content, cursing, multiple bloody scenes including vomiting, drugs used by young teens and consumption of alcohol by minors.

The target audience for this film seems to be high school students.

The movie premiered Feb. 5 in Hollywood.

It started off with a black and red carpet to tie in the theme of horror.

Guests received churros and popcorn before heading to their assigned seats to start the movie premiere.

Actors gave a special speech about how proud they are to release a film they dedicated themselves to and gave the guests a huge welcome.

Everyone’s first time viewing the film was celebrated after.

Guests celebrated in the same venue afterward with alcoholic drinks, shrimp tacos offered by waiters, vegan burgers and pizza.

“Lisa Frankienstien” takes place in 1989.

Lisa witnesses her biological mother’s murder some time in the past.

After time passes Lisa’s dad remarries a woman named Janet.

Janet’s daughter Taffy gets attached to Lisa’s father ‘Dale’ by calling him “Daddy,” which seems to be innocent to most characters throughout the film.

It’s Lisa’s senior year at a new high school, although she prefers spending her time in the graveyard instead of the schoolyard.

She becomes extremely attracted to a student named Michael, who has very similar hobbies to her.

Michael always has the same girl around him at all times.

This character starts noticing that Lisa can’t take her eyes off of Michael.

The character creates problems further into the film as she destroys Lisa, although that doesn’t stop Lisa from making Michael the love of her life.

Michael helps Lisa through the trauma she has been through with the death of her mother.

Lisa is misunderstood as she tries finding love and happiness through a murderous journey.

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