‘Mean Girls’ a universal high school experience

By Jaime De Haro

Fierce, vengeful and plastic are the three words that describe the new “Mean Girls” film. A direct adaptation of the Broadway Musical “Mean Girls,” the 2023 “Mean Girls” film comes from Tina Fey.

She reprises her role as Ms. Norbury in this film.

The musical adaptation of “Mean Girls” has been portrayed in many theater performances including, Broadway. 

The film follows the story around the “new girl” stereotype in high school teenage culture. Cady Heron, played by Angourie Rice, is accepted into a group of popular girls.

They call themselves the plastics.

The group of girls is led by the one and only Regina George, played by Renee Rapp.

While the film dedicates itself to the original plot, audiences are invited to engage in musical numbers that will make them want to sing along.

The film incorporates events that are typical for high school and serves as a universal experience for many.

Audiences are introduced to the characters through musical numbers with the most popular one being “Meet the Plastics” performed by George along with Karen Shetty played by, Avantika Vandanapu and Gretchen Weiners, played by Bebe Wood.

Heron is welcomed to the new school and ultimately finds herself amid popularity, love and new friendships.

While the popularity seems cool and fitting, she makes the mistake of falling in love with Regina’s ex-boyfriend, Aaron Samuels, played by Christopher Briney.

This puts her new friendships at risk and leads to a frenzy among students, staff and parents.

As Regina continues to endure her time on her throne, she watches the school collapse into a hot mess.

Heron , on the other hand, is in progress for some other plans.

With tension between the two, Heron and her friends, Janis Sarkisian played by Auli’i Cravalho, and Damian Hubbard played by Jaquel Spivey, have an idea for a revenge party.

Although the film and musical versions of this film have their differences, the musical version will come with new surprises.

“I think the goal for this version was for it to be fun, fresh, and surprising.

“Most people who will see this movie have seen the original.

“A fair chunk of them have seen the musical, but how can we sort of surprise and delight them while still bringing them these characters that they have an affection for,” said Tina Fey.

Overall, you won’t want to miss this new version of “Mean Girls.”

As Heron grows into popularity, she slowly takes George’s position and becomes one of the plastics herself. At this point, her friends Sarkisian and Hubbard, don’t recognize her anymore.

With the school a hot mess, students and staff gather for a confessional.

Regina is put on the spot and almost everyone agrees to maintain good behavior and character between each other.

The film ends with the last musical number, “I’d Rather Be Me,” performed by the cast and Sarkisian.

The song serves as a form of self acceptance for those who were ever bullied by Regina George.

In the end karma ends up catching up to George.

The movie is still in theaters.

Viewers can also purchase “Mean Girls” merchandise at movie theaters including a “Burn Book” popcorn tray.

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