Men’s basketball team beats cross-county rival

By Glenn Zuccman

The men’s basketball team won a key game against cross-county rivals Pasadena City College 85-70 in the South Gym on Friday night.

The home crowd looked like it had double the spectators than the 61 officially documented. The game was close in the first half, with ELAC dominating the second half. Guard/foward Javion Langston of the ELAC Huskies scored the first basket with a layup 13 seconds into the game and the Huskies continued to stay ahead of Pasadena until guard Deen Abdur-Rhamann tied it 10-10 with a 3-point shot at 15:09.

The score stayed at 10-10 for the next 2:21 until ELAC’s guard Shemar Morrow finally scored a free throw to take the Huskies up by 1.

PCC went on to take their biggest lead of the game at 18-13, and again at 20-15, before Morrow tied it back up 24-24 with a jump shot at 6:48.

The Lancers did not score another point in the first half and the Huskies went into halftime with a strong 41-24 lead.

The Huskies team wasn’t to be caught in the second half. The closest the Lancers came was a 10 point deficit with point guard Jalen Vazauez making two free throws at 16:05 to bring it to 47-37.

Guard Seydi Thiombaine gave the Huskies their biggest lead, 20 points, with a layup at 12:08 to take the score up to 59-39.

The final points of the game came at 0:37 with a layup from PCC’s guard/foward Myles Watkins to finish the game at 85-70. 

Guard Brandon Wilson came off the ELAC bench and become the Huskies high scorer with 24 points in 23 minutes of play.

Starters guard /forward Gregory Melvin and guard Shemar Marrow put up 18 poits in 22 minutes and scored 14 in 30 minutes. 

Morrow and guard Daniel Michelini-Jackson each had 4 assists, with Melvin leading the Huskies boards at 10.

Morrow, Melvin and Michelini-Jackson each had 3 steals, and Morrow led with 3 blocked shots.

ELAC finished with 54.7% field goal shooting, 20.0% from the 3-point line and 76.5% on free throws. PCC finished with 41.1%, 27.3% and 78.9%. 

“It was a game we needed. The last eight years we won the conference and this was the first year we’ve taken some bumps. We’re down two games and we had to get this one because it’s between us, Pasadena and Mt. Sacn Antonio College to jockey for that top position. Now Mt. SAC is sitting on top, and we’ve got them next Wednesday. They have no losses. We, have two and Pasadena has two. For the playoffs, they may only take two teams from our conference. Right now, Mt. Sac’s sitting good and then it’s kind of between us and Pasadena,” Head

Coach John Mosley said.

ELAC basketball’s next game is a Valentine’s Day match-up against Mt. SAC at 5 pm.

The Huskies next home game is Friday against Rio Hondo College in the South Gym at 5 pm.

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