Umoja Community welcomes students into the semester

By Joseph Hernandez

The Umoja Community welcomed students into the semester last Thursday with Black History Month Game Day, an event for students to relax and play games.

The Umoja Community’s mission is to actively serve and promote success for all students through a curriculum responsive to the legacy of the African and African American diasporas.

They are committed to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African Americans and other students while increasing their persistence and retention rates through combining academic learning with counseling, social support and opportunities for cultural exploration.

Umoja members wanted to provide an event for students to have fun and participate in different games while also providing them a space to hang out and talk to each other.

Umoja members encouraged students to participate in some of the games. Some games at the event were Uno, Connect-Four, Spades, Checkers and Urban Trivia is a card game that tests knowledge of urban culture.

Throughout the event, there was nothing but joyful shouts and laughter in the room as games became intense and competitive between students.

Umoja not only provided games for students to enjoy but also pizza and drinks.

The event was the first of many events planned by Umoja for this month. Their next event on campus is Taste of Soul tomorrow at noon in the E3/E7 Quad.

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