Womens basketball comes up short against Pasadena Lancers

By Glenn Zucman

The women’s basketball team lost 71-82 to the Pasadena City College Lancers in a home game at the South Gym on Friday night. 

The Huskies’ overall record consists of 10 wins and 15 loses, while the conference record consists of 2 wins and 3 losses. The game was close through the third quarter, but the Lancers pulled away in the final quarter.

Despite Guadalupe Vazquez’s game-leading 32 points, the Huskies struggled to keep up with the Lancers in the fourth quarter. Vazquez finished with 11-18 field goals, 5-7 from the 3-point line, 5-6 free throws, 8 rebounds and 4 assists.

The Huskies never led the game, tying the score for the last time at 11-11 with a layup from Makaia Smith at 2:11 in the first quarter. 

ELAC closed to within 1 point at 57-58 on a Vazquez 3-point shot at 9:22 in the fourth quarter. Another Vazquez 3-pointer brought it to 62-64 at 6:37 in the fourth. 

The final six-and-a-half minutes were all PCC with the Lancers keeping the lead at 10 or 11 points for most of the last quarter.

ELAC had slightly better percentages with 49.1% at field goals, 46.2% at 3-point shots and 73.3% at free throws versus PCC’s 47.2% at field goals, 43.5% at 3-point shots and 66.7% at free throws.

 PCC’s greater number of shots, 34-72 field goals vs ELAC’s 27-55, and 10-23 3-pointers versus ELAC’s 6-13 made the difference. 

The score at the quarters was: ELAC 11, PCC 16 in the first, 21-21 in the second, 22-21 in the third and 17-24 in the fourth.

Of their losing performance, Vazquez said the game was tough, but the huskies made mistake s that costed them the game. “They were getting boards, they were getting calls, they were getting everything. But we lost it ourselves. There’s no way that team is better than us. And we usually do that, we mess up, we play down to other teams’ levels. We’ve just gotta grow from that.”

Vazquez played her freshman year for PCC and is now in her sophomore year at ELAC. Playing her former teammates wasn’t an issue for Vazquez. “It was more like ‘I’m just here to kill you. I don’t wanna talk to you. I’m not your friend at all.’ That’s just the way I am. Even if I’m playing my best friend,” Vazquez said.

Finishing her two-year eligibility and looking to four-year-schools, Vazquez said, “I’ll see what God has in store for me. I have a few people looking at me and I’m just seeing which one is the best fit for me.”

She declined to name any specific schools just yet.

ELAC’s next game is a Valentine’s Day match-up at Mt. San Antonio College at 7 pm. The Huskies next home game is Friday against the Rio Hondo College in the South Gym at 7 p.m.

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