‘A Killer Paradox’ a plot twist of cycles

By Cameron Maldonado-Olea

“A Killer Paradox’’ is a dark, beautiful, exciting cat-and-mouse that uses taboo concepts like depression, revenge and murder to tell a dark and fun story.

The killer investigators are looking for is right under their nose in this film.

Lee Tang, played by Choi Woo- Shik, and Gyeog-Hwan, played by Hao Fang, are best friends from highschool.

Tang is dealing with depression and Hawn comes to check up on him.

Choi excellently conveys his character’s depression. This causes ripples in their friendship.

Hawn eventually becomes annoyed and sadden that Tang doesn’t value his friendship or help.

“A Killer Paradox’’ is full of dark themes and they are highlighted through various examples.

The storyline is driven by revenge and connects past events from people’s evil acts, with strings of short and interesting story telling to inform the viewers of connections and eventually build up for an intense climax.

The major plot is kicked off by murder. It shows murder and the different shades of it. This includes murder as self-defense, to a nature wanting to hurt people.

These are not the only dark aspects of this show as well. Lee Jong Ok, played by Kang Sang Muk, follows two men who had caused his daughter to commit suicide.

In the act of revenge he stalks them in an alley, sitting under a red light, till the two men get into a fight and are killed.

This scene highlights the emotional burden that has haunted Jong for years, turn to relief. He also feels the need to help the man who killed them both.

The cinematography has some amazing scenes and transitions that allow the displacement of emotions to shine.

An example is the transition of Tang being viewed as a dog who runs at women who is blackmailing him. The scene is vibrant and one of the best that incoporates a bit of humor and emotion.

“A Killer Paradox’s” story is about a college student named Tang who is dealing with depression due to bullying in highschool and his parents divorcing.

Tang is handling his depression by taking a convenience store job at night and missing his classes to avoid social pressures and be able to pay rent.

One day Tang’s job and interaction with two customers leads him directly into the crosshairs of detective Jang Nan-gam, played by Son suk-ku.

As Tang is going home after his shift ends, he finds these two customers in a dark alley, one on the ground and the other walking away.

Its the start of Tang’s story and his unluckiness in getting into trouble.

The cat-and-mouse aspect of this is not the interesting part of this TV series from Netflix, what stands out in this story are the individual characters.

Characters in “A Killer Paradox” are portrayed in such detail and direct.

Viewers are shown directly either how good or selfish natured someone is. The interaction between Tang and his mom highlights one of the reasons why Tang is depressed.

It also shows how his mom can be a selfish person as well. Another perspective is how the mom has to deal with her own worries, but still cares for her son as she spends time with him at the last minute going to church.

“A Killer Paradox” is eight episodes, roughly 55 minutes long per episode.

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