‘Madam Web’ an unimpressive superhero film

By Henry Caceres

If “Madam Web” viewers are watching this film to admire new super heroes and cool effects, this is the movie to watch, but if you’re a Marvel fan, this film will not be on any top 10 list. “Madame Web”, directed by S. J. Clarkson, follows the life of New York City paramedic Cassandra Web who is struggling to find sympathy for others.

In the film, she is forced to learn about her past when she has to protect three girls who have nothing to do with each other. The exception being the future of New York’s safety depends on them gaining superpowers, from a millionaire who wants them dead.

This may seem like an idea for a great movie, but Sony seem to have the desire to hire people to do the complete opposite.

Like many superhero movies, the antagonist has powers similar to the protagonist, and that is exactly the case with this movie.

The villain, Ezequiel, played by Tahar Rahim, received his powers from a spider bite similar to Cassandra Web, played by Dakota Johnson.

The film fails to explain the villians backstory or motive for going after the heros.

The trailers for the film show scenes that include three of the main characters fully suited with costumes, leading many to believe they would be getting three new superheroes added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Turns out to be a very misleading idea.

The total amount of screentime the suited superheroes have in the movie was not much more

than what fans saw in the trailers.

Johnson has had many great performances in her previous films, so it is very surprising to see her performance in this film.

Almost every line said feels very unnatural and sounds like she is directly reading it off a


From lifeless attempts at comedy to mediocre build ups of emotion, Johnson is not really into her role or the script is poorly structured.

This might be why theaters were empty only one day after opening night.

Sony attempted to change the whole vibe of marvel movies because the ones prior just felt dull with their forced jokes and poor creativity. Unfortunately, too much change in one movie hinders the whole purpose of a shift in movie planning.

Cinematically, the film was great and satisfying.

Considering the story takes place in 2003, the angles used and transitions between scenes were very accurate in the film to give it an early 2000’s feel.

The effects used for flashbacks and forwards in time are very engaging, and the sound effects are on point, creating a great engagement tactic.

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