Associated Student Union outlines ambitious plans

By Jing Ye

The Associated Student Union at ELAC convened on Feb. 23 to chart out their mission for the year under this leadership of President Martin Romero.

The meeting, attended by key ASU members including Vice President of Advocacy Emily Fu, Secretary Mariam Anneyan, Treasurer Jingwei Chen and ASU Senator Jimmy Zhuzhen.

Vice president of ELAC Michael Pascal also sat in for the meeting.

They discussed various initiatives aimed at enhancing student life and engagement on campus.

ASU President Romero, a native of Los Angeles and a journalism major, highlighted the importance of retreats held by ASU every semester.

These retreats serve as a platform to strategize plans for the upcoming year and provide training opportunities for new members.

Romero emphasized the significance of filling the vacant senator position and attracting more students to join ASU to ensure a robust representation.

Secretary Anneyan expressed aspirations of leaving a lasting impact on future ELAC students, “Our dream would be to leave a long lasting impact for future ELAC students so they can have a happy and enjoyable experience on campus,” Anneyan said.

Among the projects discussed during the meeting, Romero unveiled plans to convert a water fountain into a fully functional water station, catering to students’ hydration needs with hot and cold water options.

Additionally, ASU aims to install a Morris column on campus, facilitating the posting of event flyers and accommodating slots for the campus newspaper.

Romero assured that progress was already underway, with meetings scheduled with the director of facilities to discuss the implementation of these projects.

He projected the completion of the Morris column project by June.

Addressing the eligibility criteria for joining ASU, Romero outlined simple requirements.

“Be a student here at ELAC and registered for at least one unit and less than 80 units of classes. Pay a $7 fee for fall and spring semester and $3 for winter and summer semester.”

Romero said they emphasize inclusivity and welcoming students from diverse backgrounds.

He underscored that membership is open to all ELAC students, with no discrimination based on nationality or ethnicity, and highlighted the presence of international students within ASU’s ranks.

Moreover, ASU’s commitment to supporting students extends to practical assistance, evident in the food pantry located in the ASU office on the second floor of the F5 building.

The pantry provides snacks and drinks, catering to the needs of an average of 150 to 200 students daily.


This article has a date changed from the printed version because it was published online at a later time.

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