Grab-N-Go fails to provide healthy options

By Valeria Covarrubias

Students aren’t able to find healthy options in our campus student store, Grab-n-Go, located in the Student Center.

Our Campus influences unhealthy eating as students have no other choice.

Finding healthy options has been a challenge. Most snacks are overly processed.

The majority of options at the Grab-n-Go are unhealthy.

The healthy options are very limited.

This makes it difficult for for students and athletes who take care of their health to find snacks throughout the day.

Our cafeteria meals are bringing no nutritional value to students.

Eating habits tend to become less healthy and their

Preferences change when students don’t see healthy options on the shelves.

“There is literally nothing clean at the student store unless I want water, which is very low stocked.

“They do have Olipop which is alright, but that’s not fruit,” Emely Mendoza, who is majoring in health science, said.

This makes it difficult for Mendoza to intake the right nutrients throughout the day.

Those nutrients provide the energy our bodies need to function during a busy school schedule.

Sugar, fat and additional oils have impacted students’ energy levels instantly. Not benefiting your body just satisfying your taste buds.

Our student store carries a variety of nuts, however, it doesn’t satisfy most students since it contains processed chocolate. The Grab-n-Go should have a section dedicated to clean and non-high processed foods to satisfy everyone on campus.

This includes students who are diagnosed with health problems.

America is known for obesity, yet our college isn’t allowing students to make a change.

During Spring semester, mornings and nights are cold.

It easily influences students to quickly purchase instant hot noodles as they complete assignments or wait for their next class. 

Jessica Vasquez, a student at ELAC, has a tight schedule.

She finds it difficult to bring her lunch or leave it in her car until she can find a break in her schedule.

“I sometimes get lucky walking into the student store and finding hard-boiled eggs, although that’s not always an available purchase.

“At times I don’t have an actual meal until nine hours later when I arrive at my house,” Vazquez said.

Our student store and organizers should be more mindful of what is being brought into campus for students to purchase.

Even the few vending machines located around campus don’t have an option for healthy snacks.

Most of the snacks are things like hot Cheetos, chocolate, cookies and gummies.

The main ingredients are corn or canola oil, sugar, glucose syrup and food coloring.

Most students find it easy to just insert cash into the vending machine.

It seems like an easy way to get a snack, however, they don’t realize what they’re doing to their body.

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