Fight breaks out at baseball game

By Joseph Hernandez

A fistfight broke out between parents after a baseball game against Mt. San Antonio College on March 5.

The fight was between parents of players from Mt San Antonio College and East Los Angeles College.

“The parents got into an actual fistfight, their parents versus our parents. From what I’m told, two men were fighting and then women got involved. From what I saw, the dad of one of the players was beating up a woman and then his two daughters jumped in. So it’s the man and his two daughters against this one woman,” Dr. Diane Stankevitz, ELAC athletic trainer, said.

The fight was stopped by parents and ELAC Athletic Director Bobby Gordinez.

The fight was caused by growing tension between both teams when players from Mt SAC started to bad-mouth ELAC players.

The bad mouthing began before the game. It started as common team banter but got worse as Mt SAC got more personal with their insults.

Stankevitz said the decorum policy was ignored by both teams and parents, as officials and coaches did nothing to ease the tension.

“Nobody followed the decorum policy. Not only did nobody follow it, but nobody enforced it. So the officials weren’t doing anything about it and the coaches weren’t doing anything about it. The parents just made it worse by starting fights with each other,” Stankevitz said.

The decorum policy is a set of rules announced before every game that requires participants to behave and respect others.

Stankevitz said the trash talking ended after Adonis Harrison, ELAC assistant coach, told players to be quite. She said players were told not to act like that and to put points on the board instead.

Gordinez said after the fight, the baseball team was lectured on their behavior.

The parents involved in the fight were not identified.

“I spoke with our team, our coaches and just reminded them of the decorum. About how we operate which is respect and everything like that,” Godinez said.

The parents were never identified and as of right now. The athletic department does not know the identity of the parents involved in the fight.

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