Review: ‘Spaceman’: An exploration of deep emotions

By Cameron Maldanado-Olea

Netflix’s psychological movie “Spaceman” gives an entertaining glimpse of sad themes and amazing acting.

Jakub, played by Adam Sandler, is an astronomer for the Czech Republic as they race to beat the Koreans to understand a purple cloud cluster that mysteriously appeared four years ago.

The film does an amazing job of showing depressing themes, such as loneliness, atonement and love.

The movie displays loneliness in two ways: physical and emotional.

Jakub and his wife Lenka, played by Carey Mulligan, are the example of this loneliness where they are physically together but feel emotionally apart during Jakub’s time on earth.

He has issues contacting his wife while in space, which builds up his loneliness through the voyage.

Sandler spectacularly portrays loneliness throughout the movie.

His face is deprived of necessary rest due to his frustration with the presence of others.

Hanus, played by Paul Dano, is an alien arachnid who discovers Jakub in his lone voyage.

Hanus wants to learn about Jakub and his state of mind.

The dynamic that Hanus creates is crucial for Jakub’s atonement in this movie.

Love is the main theme that this movie revolves around through the perspectives of Jakub and Lenka.

The film spends most of its time showing Jakub’s perspective, making it feel like the problems in his relationship aren’t his fault.

Later in the film, the main issue of the relationship is revealed to the audience.

The cinematography in “Spaceman” is not outstanding as the majority of the story is in a spaceship.

However, the scenes portraying Jakub’s multiple dreams of Lenka did not stand out.

Jakub’s experience of losing love is adeptly shown through the visual portrayal of Lenka waiting for him in a field of bright green grass then disappearing when he doesn’t go to her.

Acting for “Spaceman” keeps the audience entertained as the dynamic of Hanus and Jakub’s type of communication is used.

The contrast between Jakub and Hanus is eerie. Hanus is a giant creature that asks probing questions in a monotone voice, while Jakub is a middle-aged man that answers with tones dripping in annoyance or sadness.

“Spaceman” gives a lonely man in a spaceship an unexpected friend that shows how being compassionate for people before they are gone is important.

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