ASU approves clubs for charter

By Joseph Hernandez

The Associated Students Union presented certificates of club charter to approved clubs during a meeting on April 24. The clubs that were in attendance were the Volleyball Club, Musicians Uniting Students at ELAC Club and the Statistics Club. 

Before a club is chartered, they go through a process to get approved by ASU to be funded and supported. 

The president of ASU Martin Romero said the process for a club to be chartered depends on the club’s circumstances, as some clubs can be ready to charter within a week.

 “When they meet all the requirements to charter, they’ll be invited to the soonest ASU meeting. There they’ll have the opportunity to present their club to the ASU offices. 

“Unfortunately, some clubs take longer, as some need an advisor or others don’t have enough members. The average club probably takes around three weeks to complete their charter,” Romero said

Clubs are required to have an advisor in their club, complete and submit a charter application, attend orientation and be invited to an ASU meeting to be approved.

During the meeting, club representatives explained to ASU about their club and answered questions from the board.

The MUSE Club was represented by their Vice President Joyce Gonzales.

“We strive to show students they can connect through music, performances and activities. We welcome all students to our club, music major or not, we want to provide them a safe space on campus,” Gonzales said.

The Volleyball club was represented by their club President Luis Lopez. 

“We are here as a community, we basically have a community for volleyball, and a community that helps out all students. So we’re an all inclusive club, so anyone can join,” Lopez said. 

The Statistics Club was represented by club member  Avery Alay.

 “Students come in to teach different data analysis, whether it’s the mean, median, mode or standard deviation. A lot of students come in to learn different psychology techniques and statistics.” Alay said.

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