Opinion: Arizona abortion ban rightfully enrages women

By Kayla Holgun

Arizona’s Supreme Court recently upheld a 160-year-old law that bans abortions, and it is terrible news for women. 

This law dates back to 1864 and it was passed before Arizona was an official state. 

Society is formed in a way that habitually progresses away from archaic ways, but progression struggles to take place if our laws go against it.

Women’s rights are being taken away to the point where they can’t choose what to do with their own bodies. 

It’s unfair for men to create these rules that strip women of their freedom and choices. 

There aren’t many exceptions for this rule either, so instances of rape and incest won’t be a good enough reason for an abortion. 

The only time someone can perform an abortion is if the mother’s life is in danger.

With this new law, anyone who performs an abortion or helps a woman obtain one can serve 2-5 years in prison. 

The reality is that this ban does more harm than good. It jeopardizes the health and well-being of women while infringing upon their fundamental rights.

Low-income and marginalized people are particularly impacted by the restriction, and they may already suffer severe obstacles to receiving healthcare. 

Limiting their access to abortion services puts excessive financial and logistical constraints on these people by forcing them to travel great distances or look for alternate, frequently dangerous methods of getting care. 

This also keeps the cycles of poverty alive and worsens existing gaps in healthcare access.

The necessity for comprehensive reproductive healthcare as well as the underlying reasons of unwanted pregnancies are not addressed by the ban. 

The focus is being placed on harsh measures that hardly touch the root causes of unplanned pregnancies, rather than on education, access to contraception and support services for expectant mothers. 

Restricting access to abortion does not decrease the number of abortions, but increases the number of unsafe abortions. 

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