Athletic director steps down from head coach position

LISTEN HERE—Bobby Godinez addresses the football team after the game stopped due to a fight. The team defeated Long Beach City College 54-27 on Oct. 14 at Veteran’s Stadium. CN/Diego Linares

By Alina Perez

Athletic Director Bobby Godinez has decided to step down from his position as the Huskies head football coach to focus on running the Kinesiology department. 

Godinez started working at ELAC in 2016 when he took on the role as head coach. He took on the role as the athletic director in 2018. 

In an interview with sports information specialist Cerwin Hayes who runs the ELAC Athletics Instagram page, Godinez said, “.. the moment I felt that I was no longer able to balance… basically the three pillars of my life crept on me that I needed to make some decisions.”

Women’s head water polo and swim and dive Head Coach Diana Romero confirmed that Godinez stepped down as head coach. 

“I was able to look at it from two different lenses… my understanding was beyond most others because I’ve sat in both chairs,” Godinez said.

Before becoming head coach at ELAC, Godinez was a coach at Victor Valley College, where he helped the team finish with a different outcome than previous seasons. 

“He was inspiring and dedicated to not only his players, but the whole department. He had a huge role both on and off the field that I think will be missed. I’m curious to see how he does just as the athletic director because he was already very involved and supportive,” Romero said.

Former and current players have expressed their thoughts on his decision. One of them being DeGabriel Floyd. 

Floyd attended ELAC and played on the team during the 2023 season, and is now a linebacker for the Michigan Panthers for the United States Football League. 

“G [Godinez]was a real straight forward guy. If you show drive and care about your craft… you’ll gain his respect. He’s the type of coach that knows the guys can do things the right way and try his best,” Floyd said through an Instagram message. 

 “He cared about each player and he also did anything he could to get us to the next level and win in the program,” Deshaundre Bonner, another player who played under Godinez said.

Godinez has chosen Arnie Robles to be the interim head coach. “The program is really going to take off because of his energy, that young energy,” Godinez said in the interview with Haynes.

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