Review: Netflix’s ‘Brigands’ lacks compelling story, save by characters

Shock of war— Sparrowhawk, played by Marlon Joubert,  contemplates his actions during a fight. Courtesy of Decider

By Cameron Maldonado-Olea

Netflix’s new TV show “Brigands: The Quest for Gold” is a run-of-the-mill vigilante story that has interesting elements with likable characters and beautiful scenery in certain episodes. 

Taking place in mid-19th Century Southern Italy, the show follows Filomena, played by Michale De Rossi, who is a poor farm worker before marrying a wealthy man. 

She joins a gang called Brigands after killing her husband who had killed her friend. 

The Brigands have two goals during the show; finding the treasure of their people and rescuing Pietro’s father. 

Pietro is  played by Orlando Cinque.

The story of “Brigands: The Quest for Gold” is bland, but gets to entertain the audience. 

This is achieved by traditional character quirks in the group. 

The strong and intelligent leader is Pietro. 

The young and passionate character is Manzo, played by Josafat Vagni. 

An interesting element of this show is how the Brigands operate. 

The brigands is a broad term to describe a group of criminals that loosely work together. 

The audience follows one group called the Monaco gang who trys to gather the Brigands into one cohesive group to fight Fumel. 

Fumel is played by Pietro Micci, a military commander who is harshly subjugating people to find missing gold.

Another entertaining element is the side story of Sparrowhawk, played by Marlon Joubert, who is an ex-military soldier turned bounty hunter. 

He is a wanted criminal due to his background and does a side mission to locate Pietro’s father to trade for Filomena. 

He also frees Pietro’s father, who is in a maximum security prison. 

The audience gets to see Sparrowhawk with two accomplices sneak and lie their way through the prison, making an intense ride for viewers. 

A character that stands out in “Brigands: The Quest for Gold” is Ciccilla, played by Ivana Lotito, a resilient and level-headed Woman who cares about Monaco as a whole. 

At first the character seems one-dimensional, but throughout the show, her chracter proves to be empathic and adapts to stressful circumstances. 

Ciccilla shows tough love to Filomena as a teacher and new family member. 

Lotito portrays and embodies the character exceptionally.

 She expresses her character’s moments of weakness not through words but through actions in the show’s episode.  

The scenes in “Brigands: The Quest for Gold” are mostly forest, so the potential of shocking or interesting scenes is limited. 

A stand-out scene is the prison escape with Sparrowhawk. 

It takes place away from a forest and on a shoreline. 

The huge prison stretches into the sea as it comes into view.   

As Sparrowhawk goes into the prison, viewers see guards on horses and on the wall guarding the perimeter. 

When he enters the prison, he sees bodies burned or hanged, making the viewers feel shocked. 

This scene, by far, captures the mid-19th Century feel of prisons and the treatment of prisoners. 

It also displays a unique location in the show. 

“Brigands: The Quest for Gold” is an extremely generic story, but viewers may like the characters and the small elements it incorporates.

 The show is six episodes, at roughly 50 minutes each. 

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