Student Health Center unknown to many students

Hidden in Plain Sight— The Student Health Center is located on the third floor of the F5 Campus Student Center next to the Basic Needs Center.CN/Omar Roa

By Omar Roa

Many East Los Angeles College students have difficulty locating the department in addition to being aware of how to use the services provided. 

The Student Health Center offers numerous benefits to students in need of them. 

This is partly due to budgeting, but also student engagement. The Student Health Center is composed of a small team that, in offering services, must spread that help across the campus. 

Hosting events and posting flyers has been the main way the Student Health Center gets the word out about the services within the department. 

Martin Romero, president of the Associated Student Union, said students must also meet the department halfway by interacting with outreach. 

Blauzye Martinez, a student currently in her first semester at ELAC, was not aware the campus had a health center. 

She said no one ever told her there was a health center located on campus. 

Leslie Reynosa, ASU vice president at the South Gate campus, said, “It’s a community college. Most people just want to show up, do their business and leave. We wish they’d engage with the campus more, but there’s nothing we can do about that.”

The current location of the office is F5-302 on the third floor of the Campus Student Center. It must be sought out. 

Olivia Ramirez, a second-year student at ELAC, said  she knew about the Student Health Center from an event she attended the previous year. 

When asked to locate it, she said, “I think it’s on the third floor of that building,” while pointing to the Campus Student Center. 

Christian Lopez, a third-year student, was completely unaware that they even offered services to men. 

He said became aware of their presence through events that have become less and less common over time.

 Lopez also said that he had no idea how to utilize the center if he needed it. He said if he went out of his way, he could probably figure it out. 

The Student Health Center has hosted two Mental Health Awareness Fairs. The events took place through the months of May: one on the main campus on May 1, and one on the South Gate campus on May 13.

 Nay Nay Kyin, a coordinator at the Student Health Center spoke on the size of the actual staff and why it is so difficult to reach students. 

“We’re a small team,” said Kyin. “We care about the students and we want them to use us. We’re still expanding, but we want them to know that they’re in capable hands when they come to us.” 

The Student Health Center provides students with numerous health services, including sexual health services and mental health services.

Student Health Center resources are also accessible through their social media or the campus website. 

To access their instagram, students can find them at their tag @studenthealthcenter. A Linktree link is posted in the page’s bio, though a link to the direct ELAC website is absent.

To locate more specific services, students will have to look on the ELAC website directly. Students can do this by googling “ELAC Student Health Center.” 

The first result will take students to the main page which offers all the in-depth services as well as information on how to access them.

Information on how to contact the Student Health Center and make appointments is also listed. 

The Student Health Center is open 8a.m.-5p.m. Monday through Friday.

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