Athletics Department refutes Campus News opinion

By Cerwin D. Haynes of the Athletics Department A Response to the Campus New Editorial We here at East Los Angeles College Athletics would like to take a few moments to respond to an op-ed piece in the December 6th edition of the Campus News. Before we start, there’s a few things we’d like to point out: We appreciate our students using their voice to express their opinions and exercise…

March 3, 2020

Editorial: Campus News denied retiree list

Campus News planned to write about retiring staff members to honor their service to ELAC in a special edition of the newspaper,but was denied the list of retirees. The ELAC Academic Senate said during a meeting on Tuesday that it had also been denied the information. This is also unfortunate because retirees are usually honored with a crystal apple as a token of appreciation for their services. Without the information,…

May 30, 2017

Photography professor gives insight on his work

By Danny Carrillo East Los Angeles College Photography Professor Thomas Blum didn’t develop a strong interest in photography until his late 20’s. “My first father-in-law was big into photography and it always fascinated me,” he says what got him in the photography direction. Then he made a trip to Yosemite with his first wife, to visit where Hansel Adams worked for best photography and “started taking pictures up there and…

November 27, 2013