Students should band together, get vaccinated

It came like a predicted tsunami. Covid, a force that began quietly and powerful, something only a few were prepared for. A [Pandemic], a word not commonly known to many before the year 2019. One that now holds true meaning to everyone and severe consequences that still affect many. While some work on recuperating lost jobs, relationships, and the ability to go about their normal daily routine, others remain wounded. Physically, mentally, and emotionally the aftershocks of Covid are present. Covid 19 once labeled as a novice virus continues to impact every student at East Los Angeles College.

May 25, 2021

Online education a great way of learning

Online education while undesired by some, has many benefits and should be embraced as a desirable method of learning. As we continue to navigate and learn in a difficult time face to face instruction is gone and school activities are performed virtually. The future of traditional education at ELAC is uncertain.

December 4, 2020

Musical tribute to Kabwe Chanda

Los Angeles City College put together a wonderful and emotional tribute in honor of the late Kabwe Chanda. The concert was shared publicly to many outside of LACC to help celebrate Chanda’s life and presence that he had during his time of work.

December 3, 2020