ELAC builds new memories

By Xavier M. Coronado and Dorian Rangel The Multi-Media structures E3 and E5 have been demolished and F5 has been emptied and closed for modernization. The demolishing and modernization of the buildings is necessary in order to bring the buildings up to current building codes as well as provide modern smart classrooms. The patch of dirt where the E3 and E5 buildings once stood and the emptied out F5 marks…

November 26, 2012

Student Services re-open lactation room on main campus for nursing mothers

By Veronica Hurtado The reopening of the lactation room, E1-138, in the Student Services building for nursing mothers brings forth issues the school faces to comply with federal and state labor laws.┬áNursing mothers on campus have access to the lactation room after a member of the Work Environment Committee questioned last Tuesday whether the college provides the federal and state mandated service to employees, and services that could be extended…

October 10, 2012