OPINION: Fireproofing equipment costs consumers money

In Malibu, California a recent fire called the Woolsey Fire spread out and burned down thousands of the homes and lands. The cause is still under investigation, but electric companies, such as Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric Company are possibly to blame for the fire because of not having fireproof equipment.

December 8, 2018

OPINION: Proposal threatens environmental regulations on automobiles

By Anthony Aguilar The Trump administration proposed a plan that would make automobile manufacturers not required to make cars and trucks more fuel efficient every year, starting 2020. The administration’s proposal says, “Automakers would only have to produce cars that achieve a real-world average of about 29 miles a gallon from 2021 to 2025.” This will take the standard that we have now, which is 43 miles a gallon, and…

October 8, 2018