Zine presents haunting works of art

by Dorany Pineda The eerie black-and-white cover of Rebecca Peloquin’s curated magazine, published by Repel Industries, summons a rather unsettling feeling in the gut: a stack of wood lays surrounded by trees, and the word “WITCH” hovers in bold, black letters above it. What is most capturing about “Witch” is the monochromatic, black-and-white visuals within it. It contains mostly drawings and photographs of women representing the various understandings of “witch”…

March 14, 2016

Young painter controls artistic brush strokes with her toes

By Maxine Casillas As she lays her paintbrush against a paper, her muscles relax. It’s typical to think that her fingers are doing the magic, but in reality it’s her toes. As a young girl, Lexis Barragan was always seen with a pencil and paper in hand, along with her box of 12 Crayola crayons and paint set. “You would rarely see me without them,” Barragan said. Out of all of her…

May 16, 2012