May Revision plans for affordable education

By Margarita Cancino and Maria C. Isidoro Governor Jerry Brown’s May Revise proposal will give students the opportunity to afford school and graduate with minimal financial stress.  The 2014-15 State Budget proposal was announced yesterday morning. It includes a one-time increase of $50 million from Proposition 98’s General Fund, which is the annual funding provided to public schools and colleges in California. The May Revise promises to strengthen and expand student success…

May 17, 2014

Learning Center offers Elans tutoring opportunities

By Ashley Leon The Learning Assistance Center offers many subjects to tutor people and has been a place I have benefited from in my time here at East Los Angeles College. Not only are they attentive to student needs, but also give a full hour of one-on-one tutoring. Most centers offer one subject to focus on with groups to tutor at a time. Only a half-an-hour of tutoring per session…

May 16, 2014