Art circulates at VPAM

By Steven Adamo Art from all over the world, using a variety of media, are on display and for sale at the Vincent Price Art Museum store. The VPAM store is split into two sections with one curated by an art space in Inglewood called Mandujano/Cell and the other in Los Angeles called Seite Books. Mandujano/Cell is headed by artists Hazel Mandujano and Juan Capistran. “They make some of the…

October 11, 2017

OPINION: Ban on books decreases learning experience

By Michael Dominguez Books should not be banned from public places because of its nature or be banned from being read. Students who understand the concept of these books learn from them and gain knowledge on the topic. Such topics include racism and gender roles. Books should not be banned from those wanting to gain knowledge on something. One of the most banned  books is “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”…

September 27, 2017

Book banning limits students’ educational growth

By Cortez Cruz Serrato The banning of books goes against the ideals and values that our country stands for. Adult readers should have the right to choose what kind of literature they want to read. Parents and guardians should be the only decision makers in what literature their child has access to and if the reading material they are being assigned in their school is appropriate. The banning and challenging…

October 8, 2014

Speech instructor releases first book

By Amanda Rodarte Speech instructor S. Stevie Johnson, released his first book “Convertible Chocolate.” A book reading was held March 23 at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena. His book “Convertible Chocolate” is a memoir of the author’s life and a source of therapy for Johnson. During his therapy, he found clarity and the true meaning of love. Johnson said, “find the authenticity of your true love,” which means, love lies within…

March 27, 2014

‘Dear Sister’ reveals stories of abuse

By Maegan Ortiz “Dear Sister: Letters from Survivors of Sexual Violence” edited by Lisa Factora-Borchers, is a testament of survival. Released in January by AK press, the book challenges the idea that there is a right way for survivors to process rape. It does this through a diverse selection of traditional-style letters, poetry, essays, and interviews. This issue is important to college age students since according the National Institute of…

March 6, 2014

Alternative way to sell books

By Gabriela Gomez When this Spring semester ends, many students will be left with textbooks they will no longer need. In addition, they will have the expense of purchasing new textbooks for the upcoming Summer and Spring semesters. During this time, many students sell their used textbooks to the campus bookstore or stores like Text Mania in return for a small percentage of their original investment.  Students also buy used…

May 16, 2012

Reading rewards brain

By Lourdes Espinoza Growing up, I loved English classes. Reading novels and taking grammar lessons in school was fulfilling for me. As I got older, work, family and taking other non-English college courses got in the way of my free time. I began to read less for leisure and if anything, read for study. Today, I really try and make time to read. Whether it is on my lunch break, or when…

October 12, 2011