ELAC professor undergoes brain surgery

By Joseph Recinos History professor Robert John Arias is recovering successfully following emergency brain surgery to remove a blood clot after experiencing a stroke while teaching a class Sept. 27. The 16-year veteran of East Los Angeles College was conducting a lecture about enlightenment when he suddenly lost his balance and bumped up against the white board. He said he was feeling “very weird” and one of his students, a nursing…

November 3, 2011

Reading rewards brain

By Lourdes Espinoza Growing up, I loved English classes. Reading novels and taking grammar lessons in school was fulfilling for me. As I got older, work, family and taking other non-English college courses got in the way of my free time. I began to read less for leisure and if anything, read for study. Today, I really try and make time to read. Whether it is on my lunch break, or when…

October 12, 2011