‘An L.A. Journey’ shows inspirational story

By Bianca Garcia Casa 0101 premiered “An L.A. Journey,” the story of Lorenzo Alfredo, an 11-year old K’iche orphan from the mountains of Guatemala and his troublesome journey to the United States. The play delivered director Emmanuel Deleage’s stated vision and goal for the play was to tell a story of hope, human migration and positive attitude. It also gave a clear concept of destiny, which he found fascinating. The…

May 15, 2015

Casa 0101 celebrates 15 year anniversary

By Jesus Figueroa Former East Los Angeles College student Josefina Lopez prides herself in bringing theater productions to the community she grew up in. Casa 0101 is a theater in East Los Angeles. It was founded by Lopez and is run by several volunteers. “My vision for the future is that we have nurtured enough Latina/o writers [and] that a new Theatrical literature exists because of us,” Lopez said. From…

February 25, 2015

Casa 0101 clashes cultures in hilarious new play

By Jesus Figueroa Comedy and culture took center stage in Casa 0101’s newest original production “Clean Start” on opening weekend in Los Angeles, California. The play written by Kathy Fischer and Josefina Lopez delights while telling the story of two cultures coming together under one roof. Beverly Hills Socialite Parker Reed, played by Kim Chase, finds herself in need of a friend and her house maid Rosario Rodriguez, played by…

January 27, 2015

Josefina Lopez brings ‘Piñata Dreams’ to Casa 0101

By Jesus Figueroa A colorful set build the dream like mood which fills the trilingual play “Piñata Dreams” with a cartoon feel. Writer Josefina Lopez brings an original Hispanic story told in English and Spanish, translated into American Sign Language, to the stage of Casa 0101 in Los Angeles, California. Most actors play several parts as well as narrate a section of the play. The play begins as young J.J.,…

December 16, 2014

Casa 0101 brings‘ Julius Caesar’ to East LA

By Julieanne Obregon Robert Beltran brings William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” to life at the Casa 0101Theater in Boyle Heights. “Julius Caesar” has forty-four roles that are played by 18 actors whom are mostly Latina/o. Caesar, played by Vance Valencia, is a highly respected man among the Roman citizens and when he returns victorious from war a plot for his death is put into play. The play begins when Flavius, played…

October 29, 2014

Casa 0101 brings a fresh approach to life and death in new play

By Sergio Berrueta Casa 0101’s new play addresses the sensitive issue of life and death in a light-hearted yet realistic manner in their new play “A Cat Named Mercy.” “A Cat Named Mercy” is a touching play that is compelling in its premise, terrific in its cast and delights on a visual standpoint. The play weaves the tale of Catalina Rodriguez, played by ELAC alum Alex Ximienez, a 26 year-old…

February 6, 2014

‘Light in the Darkness’ showcases bright talent

  By Ricardo Pimenta Casa 0101, a creative safe haven for the youth of Boyle Heights, introduces a powerhouse of a play with “Light in the Darkness.” Written by Victor Tamayo, then adapted and directed by Ramon “Monxies” Flores, who with the help of Producer Emmanuel Deleage,  “Light in the Darkness” ventures deep into the life of a gangster in Boyle Heights “Light in the Darkness” offers audiences a window…

September 12, 2013

‘I Don’t Need to Show You No Stinking Badges’ takes the stage after 25 years

  By Erik Luna After 25 years, Luis Valdez’s hilarious and serious comedic drama “I Don’t Need to Show You No Stinking Badges,” is enjoying a successful run in Boyle Heights’ community theatre, Casa 0101. Valdez, who is most famous for his feature films “La Bamba,” and “Zoot Suit,” which was also a play, first produced Badges in 1986. His main focus was the role of the Chicano in the movie…

February 26, 2013

Casa 0101 play tackles gay issues

By Erik Luna With an awe-inspiring ensemble of actors, the second annual production of the “Brown & Out Theater Festival,” sets the mixed emotions of being gay to the Casa 0101 stage. Eleven segments are stitched into two acts, starting with the humorous “Foundation For a Better Gay Brown Life,” to the informative “Forever Young,” creating one, for a lack of a better word, fabulous play. Each segment in the play…

October 4, 2012

‘August G’ sweeps streets

By Keyla Lopez Casa 0101 presents the American Premiere of “The Imaginary Life of the Street Sweeper, August G,”originally written by Armand Gatti. The play was originally written in French and first premiered in France in 1962. This English version of the play was translated and also directed by Emmanuel Deleage and is the first time the production has been presented in English. The play runs concurrently with and art…

April 25, 2012