Halloween not lost, just changed

October 13, 2020

Halloween is not about one particular day, it’s about the holiday spirit. This spirit is prevalent and celebrated all throughout the month of October.
Nobody said that Halloween was cancelled, so there’s no need to dampen the holiday spirit.
People can still decorate their houses with spooky decorations and such, but should have a sign out-front telling people that they’re not giving out candy to prevent the spread of germs.
It seems like a buzzkill, however. Halloween isn’t going to be restrictive forever.


Inactivity in the Classroom Leads to Unhealthy Students

By Jesus Figueroa A warning to all students: sitting in class may be killing you. Here at East Los Angeles College very little is done to keep students active. Throughout recent years there have been several reports, published studies and TED talks about the dangers of a sitting for a long period of time. The American Medical Association has said that sitting for extended periods of time can be bad…

March 12, 2015