President Biden plans to ban menthol cigarettes

Cigarette companies have been brazen with their products for decades, but it seems like Biden’s administration wants to put an end to this. The Biden administration is expected to announce its proposal to ban menthol cigarettes sometime this week. Menthol cigarettes have been among the most popular brands of cigarettes, especially among the African-American community. The companies have actively marketed menthol cigarettes towards Black communities.

May 2, 2021

Smokers should take their butts elsewhere

By Bryan Pedroza What’s the deal with all the students that don’t know how to read the no smoking signs around campus? Smokers don’t take other students into consideration when choosing where to smoke. I’m not trying to make it sound as you smokers are doing something bad or wrong. Well, wait a minute. There are a bunch of cigarette butts all over campus and you aren’t respecting the no smoking signs…

March 8, 2012