Club Rush Week attracts students with music and games

September 20, 2018

By Melody Ortiz Students were greeted by music, games, and a lot of information from more than 20 clubs during  Club Rush at the main quad on Tuesday. The event encouraged students to become more involved and active on campus and ran from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. One of the clubs present was the Photo Club. Member Laura Martinez said the club is open to those who would like…


Clubs rush to introduce themselves

February 14, 2018

By Vicky Nguyen The Spring 2018 Club Rush began Tuesday in the E3-Quad, where student organizations wishing to welcome new members promoted themselves to students. A scavenger hunt game encouraged students to meet with many clubs by allowing them to redeem signatures collected from different booths in exchange for small prizes, such as candy and keychains. Popcorn and music by a DJ were also provided at the event. “It’s a…


Clubs look to recruit new students

  By Julio Sanchez Clubs were spread out to encourage students to join clubs for Club Rush Week from September 19-21 in the E3 Quad. During club rush week, dozens of clubs took the initiative to make students aware of the resources and benefits that come from being involved in a club. “We’ve recruited over 15 students and will continue to recruit as many want to join,” Guadalupe Roman, member…

September 27, 2017