Pop culture fans gather at local convention

By Ivan Cazares  Cosplayers, comic book fans, gamers, replica-prop cars and a legion of Star Wars stormtroopers took over the Long Beach Convention Center for the eighth annual Long Beach Comic Con, Saturday and Sunday.     Cosplayers are people who dress up as their favorite fictional characters. A big part of convention culture is Cosplay and there was no shortage of eye-catching characters. The convention’s guests included well known actors,…

September 21, 2016

Offbeat Indie Comic Hits the Stands

by Jose Ivan Cazares Volume one of “B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune” is a fun to read independent comic book. The series is written by Eben Burgoon. It follows the odd adventures of a group of mercenaries. The group consists of misfits that are based on pop culture stereotypes. The main cast of characters ranges from a chain smoking frenchman called Jean Paul Bombardiere, to a tech savvy social media addict…

September 27, 2015