ELAC campus prime political stop

November 19, 2021

With East Los Angeles College’s 75th anniversary, many students may find ELAC’s history in the political sphere interesting. The campus has hosted many political events such as rallies from presidential candidates, some as recent as last year, to debates for local races. ELAC even has a former professor currently serving as an elected United States Representative in Congress, former professor Judy Chu.


From Myanmar to Congress, student strives for change

By Dorany Pineda The indigenous Rohingya people of Myanmar are described by many to be the most persecuted people in the world. Maung Nu, 32, is one of them. A political science student at East Los Angeles College, Nu was very lucky to have received his visa to study in the United States. “After I finish, I want to help my people, my country,” Nu said. Nu is a member of…

November 5, 2017