Students prepare for winter fashion

By Edgar Montoya With the winter excitement  here, East Los Angeles College students should be able to purchase their winter must-haves without feeling guilty about it later. Some might not consider shopping when dealing with educational expenses, and there are many alternatives for getting clothing items that cost less. Just because school is in session during winter, it doesn’t mean one can’t look fashionable. Some may find it difficult since…

December 4, 2014

Smokers should take their butts elsewhere

By Bryan Pedroza What’s the deal with all the students that don’t know how to read the no smoking signs around campus? Smokers don’t take other students into consideration when choosing where to smoke. I’m not trying to make it sound as you smokers are doing something bad or wrong. Well, wait a minute. There are a bunch of cigarette butts all over campus and you aren’t respecting the no smoking signs…

March 8, 2012