Football fails in home opener

By David Rios East Los Angeles College struggled to stop Los Angeles Valley College this past Saturday in a game where Breeon Moreno had a record breaking night. ELAC was unable to stop the Monarch’s offense in the 59-34 loss. The Huskies took the field on opening night with Interim-coach Randy Sanchez taking the reins as Head Coach Steve Mojarro was away for the week attending to a personal matter….

September 12, 2013

Mother of ELAC student crashes car into gate

By David Rios   The mother of a student at East Los Angeles College drove her car into the back entrance gate of Weingart Stadium last Wednesday around 8 a.m. The woman decided to drop off her son along the back entrance into the school. The back entrance into the disabled parking lot was often used by parents as a student drop-off, however due to the ongoing construction there has…

May 24, 2013

All disabled students should be properly accommodated

By David Rios East Los Angeles College Disabled Students Program need to have their services available all day, because not all wheelchair users have powered chairs and they also need a way to get around faster. I am a student at ELAC who is disabled and uses a wheelchair. I realized that most wheelchair users on campus have powered wheelchairs, which allows them to move around easier. I do not…

May 20, 2013