Shelter projects demonstrate survivor skills

By Diego Linares An ELAC Design 102 class of approximately 25 students took place last Friday afternoon to present their solution to the problem with the, “Emergency Shelter,” project professor Alexis Navarro assigned. The project stresses the familiarity students must have with the materials they are appointed and the awareness and reaction to conditions. The students were told to make a portable single-person structure meant to survive such conditions made…

March 19, 2014

Local muralist paints larger-than-life characters

By Manny Miguel   Larger-than-life street artist’s, known as Sand One, art has taken the streets of California, Chicago, Puerto Rico, Mexico and galleries all over Los Angeles, to name a few by storm. She would not give her real name, because she said that her name is not important, her art is. She went on to say that the name came about because she wanted to create a name…

March 5, 2013