ELAC alumnus continues to educate on, off field

  By Dorian Rangel Despite a couple of career setbacks, East Los Angeles College baseball Assistant Coach Phillip Valdez continues to devote himself to the game he has played his whole life. Valdez was 7 years old when he first started playing baseball. “I pretty much did the same thing everyone else did, playing in park leagues. I got a shot to play travel ball with the Boyle Heights Giants,”…

April 30, 2014

Consumers have been failed by FCC

By Dorian Rangel   The future of the Internet is bleak. Net Neutrality is gone and the Federal Communications Commission does not have the backbone to do what needs to be done to protect the future of a free and open Internet. We all take the Internet for granted. Many of us have Netflix accounts or at least know someone who does. We all watch Youtube videos and we are all…

March 13, 2014

ELAC builds new memories

By Xavier M. Coronado and Dorian Rangel The Multi-Media structures E3 and E5 have been demolished and F5 has been emptied and closed for modernization. The demolishing and modernization of the buildings is necessary in order to bring the buildings up to current building codes as well as provide modern smart classrooms. The patch of dirt where the E3 and E5 buildings once stood and the emptied out F5 marks…

November 26, 2012

ELAC website needs redesign

By Dorian Rangel   East Los Angeles College’s school website is an old convoluted mess and is in dire need of a redesign. The website has all the information that a college website should have. The problem is how that information is displayed and how users can access it. The graphics on the site are one of the biggest problems and it needs a redesign. While the graphics on the…

November 20, 2012