Theatre Department captivates audiences with dark comedy

  By Jovanna Sanchez  ELAC theatre’s rendition of Martin McDonagh’s “The Cripple of Inishmaan” is funny and captivating with an overall charming cast. It is the unfortunate tale of Billy Claven, referred to as Crippled Billy for most of the play, played by Joe Mejia, it is a crippled orphan boy who was adopted by his aunt Kate Osbourne, played by Mayuhmi Roehm, and her sister Eileen, played by Amy…

May 16, 2012

Two students plays tackle misogynistic themes

  By Oliver Blanco Filled with emotions and convincing acting made Friday’s opening of “Ain’t Nothin’ Good About the Good Ol’ Days” and “Mothers” two plays worth watching.  “Ain’t Nothin’ Good About the Good Ol’ Days,” written by Sonny Rubio and directed by Will Pellegrini opened with an image of “The Andy Griffith Show” projected on the floor of a dark living room. A bright red light shined on the…

April 25, 2012