Transfer program to pave pathways to universities

By Erik Machuca East Los Angeles College students will soon have greater access to degrees and guaranteed admission into California State Universities due to progress by academic senates on the Associates Degree for Transfer program. The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (SB 1440), signed in 2010, created a partnership between California community colleges and California State University schools to make it easier for students to transfer between the two systems…

May 22, 2013

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder awareness presented at ELAC

By Mannie Miguel Vice President of Student Services Oscar Valeriano held a conference for teachers and faculty to talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder last week at the E7 building. The presentation, conducted by Manuel Martinez, M.S. team leader at East Los Angeles Vet Center focused on veterans who attend colleges and universities. Martinez said that the purpose for this event is to “address the issues for PTSD for faculty…

May 5, 2013