ELAC softball starts rally too late; loses to Valley

By Rodolfo Trujillo and Edgar Lopez A late rally was not enough to help the softball team, who came up short in a 5-4 non-conference loss against Los Angeles Valley College, Friday at ELAC. The loss leaves the Huskies with 9 wins and 15 losses overall, 4-6 in conference play. “We came out flat,” Head Coach Erika Blanco said. The Huskies allowed a run in the first inning, as pitcher Janessa…

March 17, 2012

Be prepared when adopting pets

By Edgar Lopez My street seems to be the evilest of places or the most tragic. Every month or so, a new dog is seen running around my place. The dog didn’t just break out of the pen and run for the greener grass. No, my street is notorious for having owners abandon their four-legged friends. They leave them right in front of a barbed-wire brick wall, in front of my house….

March 14, 2012

Unit limitation gives students wake up call

By Edgar Lopez There were nearly 70 students in a biology class with the majority  trying to add. How many precious spots were open for the instructor to add? Five. It’s the same old story. Students need classes, students get rejected, teachers feel bad. Well, there’s a new page-turning twist and a good one. Although the LACCD will not be enforcing this new rule until the summer, students can still lose their…

February 29, 2012

Dead body found at East Los Angeles College

By Edgar Lopez and Tadzio Garcia An unidentified male body was found dead in East Los Angeles College Swim Stadium’s pool, today. The body had been there for some time said Sergeant Walker, of ELAC’s Sherriff’s station. The coroner picked up the body at some point in between 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Women’s swim coach Erik Matheson was called and told the pool was shut down. He said he didn’t…

January 5, 2012

District accuses companies of fraud

By Edgar Lopez Two major construction firms working for the Los Angeles Community College District are being investigated on accusations of submitting and approving fraudulent paperwork. In an effort to clean up fraudulent spending, the LACCD has been considering firing three building contractors, which supervised the building projects in the nine community colleges the district serves. The two construction firms in question of fraud are Gateway Science and Engineering from Pasadena…

December 7, 2011

Department spreads disabled awareness

By Edgar Lopez Juan Espinoza dreamed of becoming an artist, and because of the Disabled Student Program and Services department the visually impaired student is now living that dream. Espinoza’s success is not an isolated story. Wheelchair user Roger Hernandez always wanted to be a photographer and today, he owns his own studio blocks away from East Los Angeles College. In order to spread the word and in observance of…

November 16, 2011

Occupy ELAC demands unrealistic

By Augustine Ugalde We all learn that this road called life is difficult for the most part, but it can be rich and rewarding for those who dare to take a chance. The grounds of East Los Angeles College are currently playing host to a group of hardy souls who have had enough of state budget cuts and have decided to protest this injustice with a show of solidarity. The exact…

November 9, 2011

The dangers of texting

By Edgar Lopez Most of us benefit from texting. It gives us the ability to communicate with others without having to call them. It can be a simple, innocent, sub-conscious act, but it can harm or annoy some people. Texters become a hazard to themselves when walking down the street. They feel a vibration or hear their phone calling and dig deep into their pocket for their phone and start…

November 2, 2011

Students seek stress relief

By Joe Ruiz Most, if not all, college students deal with stress that can be caused by worrying about their academic performance, financial problems and their future. Everyone manages to deal with stress in a distinct way. College students tend to experience different levels of stress, alternating from minor to severe effects. With midterms around the corner, students begin to feel the pressure and may not realize overexposure to stress can…

October 26, 2011