Adelante to reshape program

By Sergio Berrueta The Adelante First-Year Program at East Los Angeles College has undergone a viability review in order to reshape the program and expand beyond the focus of first-year students. The Adelante Program is known for being a program giving a number of first-year students a leg up on the college campus in order to transfer to a four-year university. Adelante has worked on methods to reshape the program…

September 26, 2013

Budget cuts jeopardize Adelante

By Erik Luna   Adelante, a program for first-year students, was being considered for suspension due to budget cuts this summer, but faculty leaders became concerned with the lack of a viability study. β€œThe whole program has been in existence for a couple of years now.Β It was developed during a period of time where the college had a significant surplus,” Vice President of Academic Affairs Richard Moyer said. β€œA lot…

September 19, 2012