Faculty, staff train for emergency situations

By Yessica Bobadilla and Lesley Pastor The Administration of Justice Department is offering their final workshop of the year to faculty and staff on emergency situations. “When we look around and look at our readiness on a larger scale we really need to be ready to take care of ourselves,” said one of the program coordinators, Jason Hosea. The coordinators picked workshops that they believed to be beneficial to faculty…

November 23, 2016

Students should consider health insurance a priority

By Ayana Arroyo With jobs, bills and finals to handle, the last thing on a student’s mind these days is having health insurance. It is harmful to be a student with no health insurance because you never know when you might, just, need it. It is very simple to catch something, like a cold or flu, from someone else. On the news it has been reported that, the majority of…

December 17, 2014